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Scar Reduction

Scars, whether they be from trauma, acne or surgery, can mar the appearance and create embarrassment for those struggling with them. If you are searching for laser scar removal in Washington DC, the Center for Laser Surgery is ready to help. Laser surgery for facial scar removal is fast, effective and minimally invasive.

Laser Surgery for Acne Scar Removal

You are no longer in the throes of puberty and no longer have acne plaguing your existence, so why should you continue to suffer from acne scars? Laser surgery for acne scar removal can help.

Acne scars are depressed, uneven areas of the skin. They can also show up as small holes in the skin that look like enlarged pores. Sometimes, acne scars can be red or pink in color. In the past the primary treatment for acne scarring was erbium and carbon dioxide laser resurfacing. While effective, these treatments require post-care treatment and recovery time. At the Center for Laser Surgery, we believe in providing our customers with the most effective treatments with the least amount of recovery time.

For laser treatment for acne scars, we will use a variety of lasers as well as filler materials, surgical punch grafting and subcision to effectively treat these scars. Treatment often includes the innovative Fraxel Laser Treatment, which provides similar results to erbium and carbon dioxide laser resurfacing but with minimal post-procedure downtime, if any at all. When paired with dermal fillers, like Juvederm and Restylane, to raise depressed scars, this treatment provides excellent results.

Acne Scar Fraxel Treatment

Acne Scar Fraxel Treatment

Acne Scar Filler Treatment

Acne Scar Filler Treatment

Facial Scar Removal for Surgical or Traumatic Scars

Scars that occur due to surgery or other trauma may show up as depressed areas, hypetrophic areas or keloids. Redness is often present, but doesn’t have to be for a scar to create embarrassment and discomfort — particularly if it is on the face. At the Center for Laser Surgery, we can help with facial scar removal techniques.

To make our treatment as effective as possible, we will tailor the treatment to the type of scars you have. Whether we use pulsed dye, Fraxel, erbium or carbon dioxide laser treatment, the result will be effective. We will help you smooth your face and remove the appearance of the scars.

Does your face need to be revitalized through laser scar removal? Trust the Center for Laser Surgery to provide the latest, most innovative treatment options. Contact the Center for Laser Surgery today for a complimentary consultation to discuss the best laser scar removal in Washington DC for your facial scarring, or browse before-and-after pictures to see the difference facial scar removal can make.

Facial Scar Before & After Photos

Facial DC Scar Removal

Facial Scar Revision - Before and After


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