Radiesse in Washington, DC

The Center for Laser Surgery offers Radiesse™, an FDA Approved filler, which has been proven to stimulate extensive collagen formation to permanently decrease facial lines even after the original filler has degraded (normally 8-12 months).

Radiesse is the most effective treatment for deep nasolabial folds, often found in male subjects. Radiesse is often used in conjunction with a Hyaluronic Acid filler, where Radiesse is injected to reduce a deep facial fold, with the lighter Hyaluronic Acid filler used to reduce the residual wrinkle left in the skin. Radiesse is also very effective in volume restoration of the hands and can eliminate skin laxity and hide bulgy, unsightly veins on top of the hands.

For more information on Radiesse or to schedule a complimentary consultation please contact us or call 202-966-8814. 

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