Skin Care Products

Physican Grade Skin Care Products for Consistent Results

The Center for Laser Surgery offers a carefully curated selection of physician-grade skin care products. Often overlooked by both providers and patients, a customized skin care regimen consisting of scientifically backed and clinically proven products can on their own provide significant skin improvement as well as complement and protect improvement provided through laser and light treatments. 

Our dermatologists, cosmetic providers, and licensed aesteticians are experts in the use of these products. We offer all patients a complimentary skin care evaluation and an individualized recommendation of a skin care regimen for each patient's unique skin.

While most drugstore, department store, and online marketing skin care products are low on quality and heavy on hype, the physician grade products we offer at the Center for Laser Surgery are backed by science and clinically tested for proven efficacy. 

Physician Grade Skin Care Lines Offered at the Center for Laser Surgery


For more information or for a complimentary, zero-obligation daily skin care consultation with our licensed master aestetician please call 202-966-8814 or request a consultation online

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