Insurance Information for Cosmetic Procedures

In general, insurance companies will not cover any product, procedure, or visit considered 'cosmetic' in nature. While this may seem unfair, we have no control over what an insurance company may consider cosmetic in nature. Procedures which are universally considered cosmetic include Botox, Wrinkle Fillers, Laser Hair Removal, and Laser Tattoo Removal, as well as Laser Wrinkle Reduction and Laser Treatment of Age Spots. All cosmetic treatments are considered fee for service and payment is due at the time of service. If you would like to submit an insurance claim for a certain procedure after your treatment we can provide you with the appropriate forms to do so, however full payment will be due at time of service. If you have any questions about whether a procedure may be covered by your insurance, please call our office to speak with an insurance and billing specialist. 

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) for Cosmetic Procedures

In many cases a patient may be able to use a flexible spending account for procedures not covered by their primary health insurance carrier. Please call your FSA provider or speak to a billing and insurance specialist in our office to determine if FSA payment for uncovered procedures is possible. 

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