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Recently there has been a great interest in both the medical literature and the media concerning the laser treatment of stretch marks. Stretch marks present as unsightly red to white areas, which occur commonly on the abdomen, arms, chest, and thighs.

The cause of stretch marks is basically unknown but can result from pregnancy, weight gain, trauma and most likely has hormonal influences. In essence, stretch marks represent a dermal scar in which the connective tissue (i.e. collagen and elastin) within the dermis is disrupted. After Pulsed Dye laser treatment, sophisticated studies show both photographic and computer-analyzed improvements in stretch marks. It is important to point out that many treatments are necessary in order to improve stretch marks and that most do not completely resolve. It is clear that Pulse Dye laser therapy of stretch marks (laser stretch mark removal) is safe and can be an effective treatment.

Recently, topical Retin-A has been reported to improve early red stretch marks. In a paper reported in the Archives of Dermatology, investigators found that the early treatment of red or pink stretch marks with Retin-A resulted in some improvement. No improvement was noted in mature "white stretch marks." It would appear that Retin-A also may be of some benefit in the treatment of early pink stretch marks.

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