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Facial Blood Vessels Before and After Facial Blood Vessels Before and After Facial Blood Vessels Before and After Facial Blood Vessels Before and After
The 532nm Versapulse KTP laser, also known as a pulsed green light laser, was a major advancement in the treatment of visible facial blood vessels. This laser underwent it's clinical development at the Center for Laser Surgery, and proved a tremendous advancement in the treatment of facial blood vessels and deep facial erythema (redness) since patients no longer had to accept the severe postoperative bruising seen with use of pulsed dye lasers.

Results of our research involving pulsed green light lasers have been published and provide the treatment parameters for use by physicians through out the world. Facial blood vessels can now be treated in a very effective fashion using this laser, with over 85% of visible facial blood vessels removed in a single treatment with little or no cosmetic "downtime". After treatment patients may return to their normal activities without any significant cosmetic inconvenience.

Center for Laser Surgery Research on Facial Blood Vessel Treatment

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