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The Center for Laser Surgery was founded in 1995 by the late Dr. Robert M. Adrian, a world-renowned pioneer in laser medicine. As one of the first practices in the world to incorporate lasers into the treatment of skin disorders, the Center is internationally recognized for its contributions to modern laser dermatology. Working closely with laser manufacturers, many of the cosmetic laser technologies and treatments available today were researched, developed, and perfected right here at the Center for Laser Surgery.  Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Thomas Adrian and the experienced providers at the Center continue this tradition of excellence in both medical and cosmetic dermatology. A longstanding tradition of outstanding service and extraordinary results allows the Center for Laser Surgery to be Washington, DC’s leader in dermatology, cosmetic laser surgery, and skin care.

Our Philosophy

We offer the most advanced evidence-based and clinically proven treatments to our patients. Our patient-centered approach to medical and cosmetic dermatology focuses on collaboration between patient and provider in achieving a patient’s unique desires for treating skin conditions, enhancing beauty, or restoring confidence in one’s appearance.

While we treat plenty of VIPs, we don't consider ourselves celebrities. We provide the same accessible, affordable, and professional level of care and service to each of our many patients, whom we consider more friends than clients. During our consultations (always complimentary) we listen to patients goals and objectives, and give genuine recommendations and honest assessments of the level of results achievable with our various treatments, technologies and products in a no pressure environment. 

Come experience our difference. 

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